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because sports have no losers….

We are a sports-related brand which makes exclusive quality casual clothing for both men and women. Natural-sustainable substances such as organic cotton, bamboo or recycled polyester are often used. Key words are sporty, recognizable, trendy, sustainable and exclusive.

..Off Side Wear.. is set in 2017 by a twins sisters from the Netherlands witch live for football and work hard every day to achieve their goals. The idea behind the clothes is to make ..clothes for athletes who ask a lot from their body everyday and need some clothes which fit well so they can relax and still have their identity…

The line-up is high quality slim fit sweaters, hoodies, polo’s and shirts. All in trendy colors and a recognizable design. All clothes have the tab.. in the neck and on the front.

Including a Off Side Wear product you always get a cotton Off Side backpack. They are very usable for athletics for taking their Off Side wear to their training and bring their dirty sport clothes back home.